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Mystical & Divine Powers of Precious of Gems
Nav Ratnas or the nine precious stones- Ruby, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Red Coral, Gomeda and Cat's Eye- have great mystical and divine powers. Their special features have been described here in detail.
This yellowish or blackish in colour. Inside there is a shining band which moves when the stone is turned. This is a quick-action gem and restores lost wealth. Property and diseases vanish. It ensures victory over enemies and affords protection from enemies. By wearing a cat's eye one may be attracted by other s. It grants philosophical disposition and activity of the mind. The native gets name, fame and wealth. He who wears this gem, become clam, and his anger disappears. He receives the help of relatives and friends. Enemies may bow to him. It works successfully in getting back the loaned money too. It ensures the welfare of the children. Childless person may be blessed with children after wearing this gem. It protects from accident, pimples and skin diseases. It ensures quick marriages.
Its colour is like red colour smoke. The Ceylon Gomeda is of honey colour. Gomeda will bestow good health, win over enemies, and bring wealth and prosperity to the owner. It cures skin diseases, gives knowledge and intelligence. It promotes good education, and ensures improvement in the profession. The adverse effects caused by an evil also vanish. One gets quite active by wearing Gomeda, and gets promotion in service. It can give unexpected wealth to the wearer. It ensures sound sleep and gives peace of mind.
This is available in dark, ordinary, or light blue colours. Blue Sapphire is ruled by Saturn. It is believed that it gives very beneficial results. But in case it proves unsuitable, it could destroy the life of native. It has been experienced that sometimes a blue sapphire is suitable to the nativity, proves very harmful to the native. This is due to some stones which are born unlucky. Therefore, blue sapphire should only be worn after a trail and got set in the ring only if it does not prove unlucky during the trial period. A trial for about a week is enough. After wearing a blue sapphire one gets good servants. The native will always enjoy happiness, prosperity, name and fame in advancement in the profession, favours from govt. It bestows good health, and success in politics. One could become either a king or a great scholar by wearing blue sapphire.
Red coral as its name suggests, is generally of red colour. Red coral will bestow good health, longevity, courage, name, fame and happiness. The native would be blessed with children, intelligence, good fortune and success in profession life. It would also grant land and property, domestic harmony, grains of wealth. It cures all kinds of mental and physical diseases, and difficulties. Its use also helps in removing impediments that could be delaying one’s marriage. Women, who suffered from miscarriages, should wear this for successful delivery.
Diamond are white, blue, red and black colour stone It ensures longevity, and advancement in life. It can bless the native with children, happiness, intelligence, name, fame and good fortune. It ensures abundant wealth, And success in all venture
This is a beautiful velvety green colour stone. The emerald with a deep velvet green to grass green colour, radiant, smooth, transparent and with bright rays and water mark, and without any dots or spots, is the best and most auspicious gem.
Emerald helps in acquiring wealth and the native would be blessed with children, intelligence and good fortune. It also bestows good health, wealth, longevity, land and property, domestic happiness smooth and obstruction-free life. It brings advancement in profession, name, fame, and honour. It derives away evil spirits. It cures eye diseases. It controls B.P. and nervous problems. It turns enemies into friends
It is available in light yellow or golden colour. It should be heavy, transparent and glittering. Yellow sapphire will make one intellectual, charitable, religiously inclined and respectable towards elders. It ensures wealth, honour; name and fame. It will bless the native with good children. It also acts as a protective charm. It ensures comforts in life. One can fulfil all the desires by wearing yellow sapphire. Those who find obstruction in progress of their educational field, or those who suffer from the difficulties in property matters, should wear yellow sapphire.
Pearls are available in many colours, but of all white and red colour pearls are the best. Round pearls are superior. Flat typed pearls should not be worn. Wearing of pearl helps the native get freedom from mental disturbances, happiness from mother, success property and long life. It improves finance. With its help one can achieve name, fame and can also blessed with male child. It brings success in career, and removes evil effects of bad sprits. Pearl has the power to unite a separated couple. It derives away bad luck and ensures good luck. Pearl cures many diseases like mental disorder, gastric problem, asthma, cough eye troubles, breathing trouble and lung disorder.
Ruby is the stone of the sun, and protects those who wear it, from the harmful effects of Sun, Ruby found in red colour, yellow colour, violet mixed red colour, and in rose colour. The subject would be blessed with children honoured by others, and receive government favour. Ruby will bestow mental peace, success in politics and educational fields, gains of land and property, comfort of conveyances. Ruby will; protect from ill-health and enemies bring success in administrative fields, freedom from troubles, debts and diseases. It ensures long life, and cures heart diseases.

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